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Meet the President of AUM

Lewis Walker, who hails from the US, arrived on Maltese shores just over a month ago in order to assume his post as president of the American University of Malta. He has a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Missouri, and decades of experience in academe. This includes serving variously as provost, president, and chancellor [...]

Aubrey de Grey’s Scientific Quest for the Elixir of Life

Aubrey de Grey, the British biomedical gerontologist, maintains that cheating death is no longer a fantasy; this makes him one of the boldest scientists of his kind. He’s adamant that since we know the causes of the human body’s decline and demise, it’s only a matter of time, technology, and resources before he succeeds in reifying his theory.


By now, you probably know that our tiny island nation of Malta is steeped in history and culture. From the Romans to the Arabs to the Order of Saint John to the British, colonizers who occupied our country left their mark – be it architectural, linguistic, culinary, or what have you.

Malta Scrambles to Have 10 Percent Solar Energy by 2020

In recent years, Malta has ramped up a particular kind of electricity production: electricity generated by means of renewable resources. Time is of the essence, as in 2009, an EU directive was issued stipulating that by 2020, Malta must generate 10 percent of its electricity through renewable technologies. While a large number of Maltese [...]

Vilijam Pupkov: Amateur Musician, Sports Enthusiast, Budding Novelist – and AUM Student

Vilijam Pupkov, who hails from Macedonia, is studying toward a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the American University of Malta. He describes himself as an aspiring novelist and a sports enthusiast. He’s also a diligent student with wide-ranging academic interests; since joining AUM a year ago, Vilijam has taken classes in [...]

Google’s Duplex: Exciting or Worrisome? Part 2

In part one of our two-part article, we provided an overview of what we know so far about Duplex – Google’s Artificial Intelligence device. In this second and final part, we do two things: discuss how Duplex is beneficial to corporations and the public in general; and consider some of the criticisms Duplex has met with since it was unveiled on the [...]

Trendsetting Startups Based in Malta

Malta’s transition to the 21st century included a welcome diversification of the country’s economy. The passing of new legislation and the subsequent activation of several incentive schemes (for example, tax benefits, governmental assistance and financial subsidies, international networking) gave a strong boost to a variety of local industries. [...]

Google Duplex: Exciting or Worrisome? Part I


5 Ways to Study Smarter

The most common way to learn at any university is to go to class, listen and be a diligent note-taker. Being consistent allows you to make the best out of your student life. However, the time has come to take finals and if you didn’t keep up on studying your notes, you might need some tactics to make it through your final week. So here are some [...]

Malta: A Cradle of Opportunities for Foreign Film Makers

Although Maltese productions are few and far between, the Maltese film industry has been going strong for almost a century. Malta provides locations and film sets for Hollywood and other prominent film-industry cities, and to date, Malta has hosted well over 100 productions. Some of these productions were only partially filmed here while others [...]