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Taleb’s Antifragile or How to Love Chaos and Learn From It – Part 2

In the first part of our article about Nicholas Nassim Taleb’s theories about antifragile, we briefly introduced what he means by Black Swans. These are inevitable and unpredictable stressors or chaotic events that destabilize us, either in a public or a private sense. Then, we turned to his idea of antifragile as being the desired characteristic [...]

5 Places to Visit in the South of Malta

The south of Malta generally retains a more rural feel than the north. However, it offers more than just a wealth of quaint villages and historical sites, including a most impressive megalithic temple entirely built underground known as Hypogeum. For instance, while most of the popular beaches are up in the north, there are several less visited [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Pick Malta for a Study Abroad Program

Assassin’s Creed, By the Sea, 13 Hours, and the American blockbuster series, Game of Thrones - if you saw any of these titles, you got a glimpse of the tiny island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its diminutive size, this European country offers a rich and diverse culture and a favorable climate, making it a picture-perfect landscape. [...]

AUM Twitter Account Up and Running

Hi there, Twitter Community. Our AUM Twitter account was dormant for some time but we're finally breathing some new life back into it. Follow us there too for the latest news from AUM.

Taleb’s Antifragile or How to Love Chaos and Learn From It – Part 1

Nicholas Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Antifragile, is originally a derivatives trader and a Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering, now turned essayist and scholar. He is considered in many intellectual circles as one of the most highly influential minds of our times. His second book – Antifragile – follows very closely after [...]

STEM Embraces the ARTS to Go Full STEAM Ahead in the 21st Century

Research and development in science and technology, a prominent branch of which is known as STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), was one of America’s flagship innovation strategies that allowed it to stay on top of a quickly burgeoning global competition in the 20th century. However, many trends in the 21st century are pointing [...]

6 Fun Activities to Gear Up for Spring in Malta

With over 300 days of sunshine, you could easily say that it’s spring time in Malta almost all year round, barring a short parky winter stint and a long, hot summer, when you’ll be warding off the heat with daily dips in the blue sea. Despite this, Malta has an actual spring and as far as climate and ambiance go, it’s arguably the best time to be [...]

Student Visa and Employment Policies in for Positive Change in Malta

Students from non-EU country planning to pursue their studies in Malta are often hit with two seemingly insurmountable hurdles that can bring their dreams to a grinding halt - obtaining a visa and covering living expenses to the end of their stay. For better or for worse, arrangements underpinning immigration and employment rules vary greatly [...]

Here’s How a General Education Program (GEP) Benefits You

Picture this. You’re getting ready to sign up for a university degree, so you start to do a little self-introspection. Here, you factor in two things: your natural aptitudes and your personal inclinations. Say, for instance, you might be top of the class in mathematics and physics, and in your free time, you love tinkering with whatever tech you [...]