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Malta: A Cradle of Opportunities for Foreign Film Makers

Although Maltese productions are few and far between, the Maltese film industry has been going strong for almost a century. Malta provides locations and film sets for Hollywood and other prominent film-industry cities, and to date, Malta has hosted well over 100 productions. Some of these productions were only partially filmed here while others [...]

AUM's Say on Malta's Cost of Living

One of the most mind-boggling factors when looking into universities abroad is the cost of living of the host country. Typically, you'll do extensive research online or try to find out by word of mouth and yet, you’re still never sure how entirely reliable the source actually is. Which is why we decided to take it upon ourselves to provide you [...]

5 Places that Are Synonymous with Different Maltese Food

When you ask someone, who has just been to Malta what helped make their experience remarkable, more often than not, they'll bring Maltese food into the picture. Though Maltese recipes are a mixed bag of healthy foods and ones that are less so, traditional local food is very rich in flavor, well-seasoned and extremely satisfying.

5 Places to Visit in the South of Malta

The south of Malta generally retains a more rural feel than the north. However, it offers more than just a wealth of quaint villages and historical sites, including a most impressive megalithic temple entirely built underground known as Hypogeum. For instance, while most of the popular beaches are up in the north, there are several less visited [...]