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Tech Trends in A.I.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has received an unprecedented boost in the past few years. Thanks to more funding and greater research incentives for both technology giants and smaller startups, exciting new development horizons are now within view. A bright future for A.I. in several industries as well as our personal lives seems guaranteed.

Aubrey de Grey’s Scientific Quest for the Elixir of Life

Aubrey de Grey, the British biomedical gerontologist, maintains that cheating death is no longer a fantasy; this makes him one of the boldest scientists of his kind. He’s adamant that since we know the causes of the human body’s decline and demise, it’s only a matter of time, technology, and resources before he succeeds in reifying his theory.

Trendsetting Startups Based in Malta

Malta’s transition to the 21st century included a welcome diversification of the country’s economy. The passing of new legislation and the subsequent activation of several incentive schemes (for example, tax benefits, governmental assistance and financial subsidies, international networking) gave a strong boost to a variety of local industries. [...]

Google Duplex: Exciting or Worrisome? Part I