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Adrian Farrugia

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Internet of Things: When Your Household Appliances Say, “Hook Me Up!”

To understand what the “things” in Internet of Things (IoT) are, we don’t have to look very far. The term encompasses any appliance with an on/off switch. Such items have long proliferated everywhere from factories to offices to private homes. The idea underlying IoT is that sundry appliances with distinct functions can – thanks to sensors, [...]

Student Visa and Employment Policies in for Positive Change in Malta

Students from non-EU country planning to pursue their studies in Malta are often hit with two seemingly insurmountable hurdles that can bring their dreams to a grinding halt - obtaining a visa and covering living expenses to the end of their stay. For better or for worse, arrangements underpinning immigration and employment rules vary greatly [...]

Here’s How a General Education Program (GEP) Benefits You

Picture this. You’re getting ready to sign up for a university degree, so you start to do a little self-introspection. Here, you factor in two things: your natural aptitudes and your personal inclinations. Say, for instance, you might be top of the class in mathematics and physics, and in your free time, you love tinkering with whatever tech you [...]