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Marco Attard

A Cure for Alzheimer’s?

By Marco Attard • March 14, 2019

Are we on the cusp of devising an antidote to a particularly debilitating form of dementia?

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CES, where you can roll up a TV like a yoga mat – among other crazy-sounding feats!

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India’s Drone Surprise

By Marco Attard • December 27, 2018

Is India ready for flying taxis? Are you, for that matter?

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Lanix: The Latin Lynx

By Marco Attard • December 21, 2018

Is Lanix, the Mexico-based computer and mobile phone manufacturer, poised to leap across the Atlantic Ocean?

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If you like technology, make sure to color it green. Otherwise, it might take the green out of Earth.

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Hold the Line, Fold the Phone

By Marco Attard • November 27, 2018

Is your cellphone too bulky? Just fold it! Foldable phones used to be a thing of science fiction, but they've recently entered the realm of reality. Find out how.

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It’s All Maltese to Me

By Marco Attard • November 16, 2018

What language do people in Malta speak? And where did it come from?

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Valletta Rising

By Marco Attard • November 10, 2018

Not just the capital of Malta, but of Europe?

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What is CRISPR, and why does The Rock think you should know about it?

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