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By Adrian • August 3, 2018


valletta viewWhen sojourning in a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the place. We’d certainly love AUM students to do as much while living in Malta! To that end, we thought we’d introduce you to a few museums, with an emphasis on those either off the beaten path or home to somewhat unusual collections.

Toy Museum (Valletta)

Cute yet faintly eerie is how we’d describe this exhibit of dolls and other playthings from days of yore. Located close to the old house of parliament in Valletta, the Toy Museum will take you back in time to a simpler era of model farmyard animals and clunky metallic figurines. So ditch your fancy electronic gadgets and get a feel for how kids used to entertain themselves before the advent of the video game!

Aviation Museum (Ta’ Qali)

For some history on those magnificent men (and sometimes women) in their flying machines, look no further than the Aviation Museum. Situated on the site of the former Royal Air Force airfield, the exhibit houses a variety of Second World War-era and post-war aircraft, uniforms, and memorabilia. The museum restores and preserves these myriad items, with its curators working tirelessly to expand the already sizable collection.

Postal Museum (Valletta)

Here’s something rather quirky, and more than a little charming: an exhibit dedicated to all things epistolary. The Postal Museum charts the history of the Maltese postal system from the 15th century to the present. One of the newer kids on the block insofar as museums go, it’s pretty impressive when it comes to audio-visual technology, offering a host of cool interactive videos in addition to physical display galleries.

Classic Car Museum (Qawra)

With over 100 cars to marvel at, this place is sure to satisfy just about any automobile aficionado. The Classic Car Museum presents eye candy on wheels, from Alfa Romeos to Chevrolets, drawn largely from the latter half of the 20th century. But finding the museum can prove tricky, as it’s tucked away in an underground corner that’s easily overlooked. Should you get lost, just stop and ask for directions! Locals will be more than happy to help.

“Collectables” (Valletta)

We’re cheating a little bit with this one. Housed in a large garage on Valletta’s Republic Street, close to Fort Saint Elmo, “Collectables” (the place has no official name) is not exactly a museum. Still, it boasts a curious array of items worth taking a gander at: bottles (alcohol, soda/soft drinks, and even milk), mugs, and coasters!

Originating from countries all over the world, many of the novelties on display here were donated by tourists who saw the collection and wanted to contribute to it.

Bonus: Esplora (Kalkara)

Who said science can’t be fun? A hybrid of museum and science gallery, Esplora offers a terrific interactive experience, one especially suited to children and teenagers. Here, science is both accessible and awe-inspiring – as it should be. You won’t soon forget this artful fusion of education and entertainment!

At AUM, we want you, our current and prospective students, to make the most of your stay in Malta. And we’re ready, willing, and able to serve as your trusty travel guide, so feel free to contact us for additional information!