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By Adrian • July 20, 2018

Sunlight Between Your Pages

beach-book-bronzing-1194408If, like many of your peers, you sometimes find it difficult to dedicate yourself to the reading and writing assignments required of you as a student, we might be able to help. Rather than cloister yourself in a library or cafe for hours on end, how about trying something different? Here are some spots around Malta where you can work towards attaining top marks in your classes even as you lounge about in nature and soak up the sunshine.

  1. Marsascala Family Park

One of the most overlooked places in Malta, the Marsascala Family Park is an excellent spot to hit the books. With benches scattered all around, you can select the one which offers the view you like best – and look up from your work every so often to avail yourself of this gift. Also, as a bit of a treat for your academic diligence, you can always get yourself a delicious ice cream from the vendors right outside the park. So who’s going to complain about a little reading assignment?


  1. San Anton Gardens, Attard

san anton gardensLocated in the heart of Malta, the San Anton Gardens make for a picturesque study oasis. In addition to the expected variety of flowers and plants beautifying the grounds, you’ll come across ducks, swans, and even peacocks frolicking about in and around the ponds. The gardens also happen to be where the President of Malta’s official residence is located – which just might inspire you to study hard enough to become a president yourself someday!

  1. Buskett

Buskett is one of the greenest areas in Malta; the lush and sun-kissed surroundings will keep you both alert and happy as you wade through a difficult or even soporific topic. Grab some of your friends, and you’ll get the best of both worlds: a couple of study sessions with a picnic in between for a break!


  1. Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

barrakka gardens vallettaWhether you choose the Upper or Lower Barrakka Gardens, you’ll find yourself with a magnificent view of the Grand Harbour, the Three Cities, and Fort St Angelo. Formerly the Knights’ private playground, this verdant idyll is now freely accessible to ordinary people like us!

  1. Top of the World, Gharghur

The highest point in Malta, Gharghur has been dubbed “Top of the World” by the Maltese. The panoramic views of the north of Malta are nothing short of spectacular. Additionally, the overall serenity of Gharghur turns it into a wonderful escape from the more touristy and noisy areas of the country, with the silence and breeze making it perfect for curling up with a good book until the sun sets on the horizon.


At AUM, we encourage you wholeheartedly to venture beyond our campus for both fun and study. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than discovering the natural beauty of a new country – especially if it’s your new home!