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By Adrian • July 14, 2018

Sweat It Out: Maltese Summer Sports

Malta may be a small island, but it’s a small island filled with life and commotion. This is perhaps even more the case when summer rolls around and the Maltese rush to participate in a multitude of outdoor sports, some of which are best for the balmy days, with others more suited to the hot ones. Check out our list for recommendations, but consider yourself forewarned – these activities are certain to bring out the adventurer in you!

Scuba diving

scuba-diver-1049945_640-1As you might imagine, Malta and water sports are often uttered in the same breath. The serenity and clearness of the Mediterranean Sea make Malta perfect for diving, whether you’re a beginner or an old hand. And with the plethora of caves, shipwrecks, beaches, and reefs, an entire world beckons.


parasailingIf you prefer gliding through the air to submerging yourself in the water, parasailing is the sport for you. Taking in the breathtaking view while coasting over the island will give you a “natural high” – twice over. Just make sure to steer clear of this particular adventure if you have a fear of heights!


zipliningHow does whipping through the air with lightning speed sound? Zip-lining in Malta is like riding a roller coaster through a corner of paradise! Although there isn’t a fixed location for zip-line activities, events are frequently arranged here and there – so stay on the lookout.


windsurfingWindsurfing is admittedly a rather challenging activity, but one growing in popularity. Interestingly, windsurfing combines elements of surfing and sailing, though the emphasis is on the latter. And if you fall, all that happens is that you splash into the cool water – something safe and quite enjoyable!


kayakingDiscover Malta’s beautiful lagoons by paddling out into the sea, and look back every so often to savor the view of the shoreline. The waves gently lapping your kayak will prove soothing, and the colorful fish all around you will surely bring a smile to your face. Just prepare to give your biceps and triceps a good workout!

Want to know more about where you can engage in these and other summertime activities? We’d be more than happy to help, because here at the American University of Malta, we believe in having fun alongside studying!