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Malta, from Royalty to Warlords to Artists

Over the years, several historical figures who would leave their mark on the world also happened to grace Maltese shores at one point or another in their lives. We thought listing a few would be a good idea; this way, you get to broaden your knowledge of the island and might additionally get a kick out of some fun facts!

The Top Five Hidden Gems of Valletta

In addition to its more renowned and visually imposing attractions, Valletta is home to several out-of-the-way little marvels. They’re part of what gives the city its charm. Yet for obvious reasons, you may end up overlooking them. Fear not, though; we’re on hand to direct you to such hidden treasures!

In the Thick of Things: The AUM Campus

A most appealing aspect of the American University of Malta’s location is its environs; the campus is surrounded by sites that are worth exploring. That such places are very different from one another adds to the fun, and should pique just about anybody’s interest.

Things to Pack for Your Trip to Malta

Passport, bank cards, and other documents

Sunlight Between Your Pages

If, like many of your peers, you sometimes find it difficult to dedicate yourself to the reading and writing assignments required of you as a student, we might be able to help. Rather than cloister yourself in a library or cafe for hours on end, how about trying something different? Here are some spots around Malta where you can work towards [...]

EU Internet Copyright Directive Falls Through

The European Parliament recently voted against passing into law a copyright bill two of whose articles, 11 and 13, have stirred controversy. The final tally was 318 votes against adopting the proposed law and 278 in favor. There were 31 abstentions. The much-contested Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market – which in many ways serves [...]

Sweat It Out: Maltese Summer Sports

Malta may be a small island, but it’s a small island filled with life and commotion. This is perhaps even more the case when summer rolls around and the Maltese rush to participate in a multitude of outdoor sports, some of which are best for the balmy days, with others more suited to the hot ones. Check out our list for recommendations, but [...]

Of Nymphs & Captive Lovers

As with virtually all peoples, the Maltese have their fair share of myths and legends, some of them outgrowths of classical mythology. Passed down from one generation to the next over the centuries, they often add to Malta’s allure. Notably, the geographic features of the country, an archipelago with a hilly landscape and shoreline cliffs, emerge [...]


Due to Malta’s tiny size and lack of resources, one might assume that foods and even beverages are mainly imported. This assumption would prove correct. Nevertheless, our locally produced specialties, though relatively few, have long enticed Maltese and foreigners alike.

Meet the President of AUM

Lewis Walker, who hails from the US, arrived on Maltese shores just over a month ago in order to assume his post as president of the American University of Malta. He has a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Missouri, and decades of experience in academe. This includes serving variously as provost, president, and chancellor [...]