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How to Survive Housemates

Moving into an apartment is an exciting affair, and sometimes heralds other significant changes: new pad, new lease on life.


In-class presentations make for one of the most daunting challenges facing university students. Why? Because not everyone is a natural-born speaker with charisma to burn. Indeed, many people find it acutely difficult if not impossible to captivate an audience. If this applies to you, don’t sweat it; you’re in good company.

How to Become a Timemaster

The key ingredient to achieving your goals and feeling like a super human is managing your time effectively. Some people are natural-born planners and can do this with ease. If you’re like us, though, you tend to struggle with time management and often end up feeling overwhelmed!

The Top Five Hidden Gems of Valletta

In addition to its more renowned and visually imposing attractions, Valletta is home to several out-of-the-way little marvels. They’re part of what gives the city its charm. Yet for obvious reasons, you may end up overlooking them. Fear not, though; we’re on hand to direct you to such hidden treasures!

Networking in the Business World

You’re aware of the importance of networking for career purposes, right? At AUM, we certainly are! And it’s not just us. Indeed, many universities have begun to give this facet of the business world its due, encouraging students to engage with professionals and forge manifold links with them. Such connections can eventually translate into solid [...]

Sunlight Between Your Pages

If, like many of your peers, you sometimes find it difficult to dedicate yourself to the reading and writing assignments required of you as a student, we might be able to help. Rather than cloister yourself in a library or cafe for hours on end, how about trying something different? Here are some spots around Malta where you can work towards [...]


Due to Malta’s tiny size and lack of resources, one might assume that foods and even beverages are mainly imported. This assumption would prove correct. Nevertheless, our locally produced specialties, though relatively few, have long enticed Maltese and foreigners alike.

Vilijam Pupkov: Amateur Musician, Sports Enthusiast, Budding Novelist – and AUM Student

Vilijam Pupkov, who hails from Macedonia, is studying toward a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the American University of Malta. He describes himself as an aspiring novelist and a sports enthusiast. He’s also a diligent student with wide-ranging academic interests; since joining AUM a year ago, Vilijam has taken classes in [...]

The Five Best Beaches In Malta

One happy fact about residing on an island like Malta is that, wherever you might be at any given time, the seashore is just a short distance away. Heck, here at AUM, it’s right on our doorstep! But if you’re looking for a sprawling beach where, in addition to taking a dip in the sea, you can kick back and relax in a resort-like setting, you might [...]

5 Ways to Study Smarter

The most common way to learn at any university is to go to class, listen and be a diligent note-taker. Being consistent allows you to make the best out of your student life. However, the time has come to take finals and if you didn’t keep up on studying your notes, you might need some tactics to make it through your final week. So here are some [...]