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By Adrian • July 27, 2018

The AUM Educational Journey

At the American University of Malta, our vision is to be recognized as an innovative student-centered institution of higher education, one that produces leaders with a global view and an entrepreneurial mindset.

In our classrooms and labs, the emphasis is on collaborative and application-based learning, of the kind that transcends theory to tackle real-life problems. This way, students engage in the learning process in a manner very different from that offered by the standard lecture format.

Here’s how we convey our aims in a newly launched commercial:

As you can see, we home in on the journey of several AUM students. That journey starts with the course selection process, as the students take their first tentative steps in the realm of higher education, before progressing to the courses themselves. Much of this is represented in a futuristic manner, given the university’s forward-looking and innovative approach to teaching.

The commercial’s premise, that of disparate individuals embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, means a great deal to us. What we want for all AUM students, no matter their origins, is to feel welcome on campus, and to benefit from and enjoy the variety of courses we offer. (Our location in Malta, a European country steeped in culture, open to the world, and brimming with fun activities, provides an enticing bonus.)

Most importantly, we want to highlight the non-traditional and even cutting-edge aspects of our educational modus operandi. What we mean by this is that, when it comes to our approach to education, we often find ourselves swimming against the current. Why? Because convention often stifles innovation, and can serve as a barrier to progress.This attitude sets us apart from many of our contemporaries.

And following graduation? Well, we very much hope that AUM alumni navigate their way through a world rich in opportunity, discover and fulfill their potential, and ultimately succeed in unlocking doors to an exciting and rewarding future.

Apply now and immerse yourself in the unique educational experience we offer here at the American University of Malta!