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Top 5 Reasons to Pick Malta for a Study Abroad Program

Assassin’s Creed, By the Sea, 13 Hours, and the American blockbuster series, Game of Thrones - if you saw any of these titles, you got a glimpse of the tiny island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its diminutive size, this European country offers a rich and diverse culture and a favorable climate, making it a picture-perfect landscape. Lately, this gem of an island has been featured in the world-renowned vlogger NAS Daily’s daily 1 minute videos. This outstanding island offers endless reasons why you should study here in Malta!

These are five of the top reasons you should study in Malta.


1. Student VISA Accessibility

Easier for all non-EU students to obtain a visa.

As from the 28th March, the Maltese government issued a press release about the student visa policy. It is now easier to apply for a visa as the policy provides clear guidelines aimed at simplifying the process, especially for third-country nationals that plan to take up their studies in Malta.

To ease the visa process, the Student Affairs department of the American University of Malta is offering their full support and assistance for such students who need to apply for a student visa.

More information about this press release can be obtained here.


2. Sunshine and Summer Pleasure

malta-1910173_640Malta’s summer is not just a 3-month period; one could say that it lasts all year long! The average temperature is of 27°C and the coldest temperature is in January at around 13°C.

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and having the asset of being an island, it’s a no-brainer that this island has some stunning beaches! Having twelve blue flag beaches scattered around as well as 35 stunning bays, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing where to go to work on your tan!

Besides these breathtaking beaches, around our campus, one can admire the beautiful harbor which is literally just at AUM’s doorstep. These locations can easily be your study area whilst reading for your degree, where you can enjoy the impeccable views. Stylish cafes in the area also offer great vantage points from where you can enjoy the same views.

What's more, AUM premises are built so as to compliment the surrounding area in terms of style. This historically rich building has been refurbished in a way that preserves all its timeless identity and ambience, while offering students the latest in terms of study facilities. 


3. A Degree of Trust in a Multilingual Country

From kindergarten, Maltese children are brought up in a bilingual environment. Due to this, nearly every Maltese citizen can speak both English and Maltese. The best thing is that at a secondary level of education, local students have the opportunity to study a third and fourth language! This will make every other foreign citizen feel welcome. Apart from that, Maltese people are well-known for being hospitable and helpful.

Also, Malta is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. Rest assured that you will be in the safest place to pursue your studies.


4. First Class Country with Economical Cost of Living

Living in Malta is relatively inexpensive. Quoting, an average meal will cost you only around €12. Generally, the cost of living in Malta is 1.78% lower than in the United States of America.

Consumer Prices in Malta are 6.80% lower than in the UK. Yet, in Malta, you can still enjoy the top-notch services and quality items at good value for money.


5. Fun and Convenient Lifestyle

malta-1158626_640Having an area of 316 km squared makes Malta a very small island. There are no two ways about that. And yet, this is considered as a valuable asset! Everything is just right around the corner!

If are up for some fun and entertainment, you can visit St Julian’s, which is only 17 mins (10km) away by car. If you need a quick getaway from the bustling environment, you can hop on a ferry and visit Gozo, Malta’s sister island, as it offers a laid-back lifestyle.

Whether you are a history buff, an aquatic sports enthusiast or a nature lover, in Malta you can indulge in your interests to your heart's content. On the other hand, if parties and clubbing float your boat, large-scale music events are held all year round. For instance, Malta hosts the ‘Isle of MTV’ which is an annual concert that features big artists and a week-long party!


Just a Taster to Make You Fall in Love with Malta Before You’ve Even Set Eyes on It!

No wonder Malta keeps on ranking among the top countries to visit. While we've only touched upon five reasons, there are plenty more that make this country an apt choice for you to study for your degree and masters in?

Here at AUM, we strive to achieve the highest standards. As per our mission statement “our degree programs, research activities, and service to the community transform lives and serve society by educating ethically knowledgeable citizens, creating knowledge, and putting knowledge to work in a global setting.” And why not do this in the fun and vibrant atmosphere Malta has to offer?

Now that you know a little about the benefits of studying in Malta, you know why the American University of Malta is a solid option for you to pursue your studies this fall.

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