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By Adrian • June 5, 2018

Vilijam Pupkov: Amateur Musician, Sports Enthusiast, Budding Novelist – and AUM Student

vlcsnap-2018-06-05-13h09m17s013Vilijam Pupkov, who hails from Macedonia, is studying toward a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the American University of Malta. He describes himself as an aspiring novelist and a sports enthusiast. He’s also a diligent student with wide-ranging academic interests; since joining AUM a year ago, Vilijam has taken classes in mathematics, English, business, history, and chemistry.

As it happens, the knowledge obtained from several of these classes has helped Vilijam to write and develop a novel. He’s currently finalizing the book – and already has several publishing offers lined up, meaning that we might well see it in print soon!

“A typical day at AUM is always very jam-packed,” Vilijam told us during our conversation. “Whether it’s with classes or our personal lives – there is never a boring moment. There’s always something that keeps the excitement level [high] and the pulse pounding.”

Vilijam went on to describe the sense of family at AUM. “It’s less of a student-basis environment, and more like a brotherly and sisterly family unit,” he said, adding that “it’s great to know about all the different ethnicities and religions – basically it’s about expanding your knowledge about the world.”

Just like any other university, AUM organizes all kinds of activities for its students. Vilijam pointed to the football and frisbee event held every other weekend, as well as the book clubs that have taken off, as examples. The student body also has an organization representing it, the SGA (Student Government Association), of which Vilijam Pupkov is vice president. “It’s a great position to hold,” he told us, “you get to help students with any queries they might have and guide them along.”

When asked what he considers AUM’s finest feature, Vilijam immediately cited the lecturers: “They all have their own style that keeps their lectures interesting – there’s never a dull moment.”

As for Malta in general, Vilijam, an avid guitar and piano player, had this to say: “A highlight [of] living in Malta is definitely the music festivals that happen every so often.” In addition to playing musical instruments, he likes to spend his free time playing sports, especially rugby, as he hates idling around at home and staying indoors for too long.

“Here at the American University of Malta,” Vilijam offered, “I believe that you get an experience like no other. You get crucial knowledge that carries forward into your life and that you can’t get anywhere else. I feel that if you join our family here at the American University of Malta, you won’t regret it.”

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